Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Watching the time...

What a slow day at work. I really don't have a lot to say today, but it is so slow, I thought I would do an entry. Let's see...what can I talk about?

Diet: Going very well. Today makes 1 week on Weight Watchers. I survived the weekend and have worked out every day over the last week. It is only for 20 minutes - but it burns about 350-450 calories at a wack...so I might just keep it up. My jeans feel great today - and I am proud of myself. Dinner is planned for tonight and already counted out.

Here is a pic of the jounal that Stacy got me for my birthday. I swear to all that is holy - she/this book is the reason why I have stuck to my diet all week.

You can find this book on Amazon. I highly reccomend it. I tried writing my food down on scrap pieces of paper and it just never worked. This makes it so easy to do and I enjoy doing it.

Knitting: I started Sharon's sweater last night! I adore the yarn! It is Bernat Softee Chunky - Burgandy. Very easy to work with and I am very happy with how it knits. I'll be showing pics of my progress after a week. Ahhhh knitting. How I love it so.

I think that is it folks. Sorry this is kind of short - but I am supposed to be working.

Don't forget to watch American Idol and HOUSE tonight!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend Round-up 1/27 - 1/29

Ugh - does it have to be Monday already?

Friday: Stuck to the WW plan AGAIN! Yay me! We made homemade chick salad and put it on garden salads - they were so good! Then I spent the night knitting my secret project and also doing a swatch for Sharon's sweater - and the gauge is almost PERFECT!

Saturday: Relaxed all morning and afternoon which was nice. NO crafting going on seeing that I was going to be crafting all night with Sharon when her and Roy came over. Saturday night - they came over and we watched the Bruins, and Sharon and I crafter. She started her very first felted bag (and is doing great by the way!) and I worked on George!

Sunday: Went to mom & dad's in the morning to get a side table and a full length mirror that they did not want anymore (SCORE!) then we had Seth & Jo over to celebrate Jo's birthday and to give her baby shower gifts. After we went to Vinny T's for dinner and came back to the house for birthday cake (which I made!)

Here is Jo holding the baby blanket that I crocheted for her. I think she liked it!

Ok - off I go! I had an OK diet weekend...but I have been on the stair stepper every day since last Tues/Weds (I can't remember). I gained a lb over the weekend so my goal is to loose that this week and maybe a little more - we shall see!


Friday, January 27, 2006

I found a friend...

While I was searching for yarn to make my "secret project" I stumbled upon a bag. I could tell it was full of yarn - but for the life of me had no idea what else was in the bag. I took the bag out...and found George.

I was working on George back in 2002 - 2003 with intentions to give George to Tobey's 1st child, Logan. Unfortunately, George was not finished in time, and then my mother thought that the eyes (bottons) could be a choking hazard - so then I was too scared to give George to a child. Other projects became more urgent - and he was shoved in a closet to live.

Poor George. As you can tell - I have a ways to go on him. His body is all crochet and then you latch hook the fur onto him and split the yarn. His collar is made by putting an elastic around his neck and tying strips of gigham fabric around the elastic. He is cute...and I kinda miss him....and I am glad I found him.

Hopefully one day I can finish him, reinforce his eyes to make sure they won't come off, and give him to someone who will love him more than I do.

On a WW note:
I am on day 3. And I have been PERFECT! Since Christmas, I have lost 7.1 lbs. Christmas - I hit my absolute heaviest amount I would ever want to admit too. I have been on the stair stepper 3 days in a row for 20 minutes each...and although it is only a small accomplishment (3 days)...I am proud of myself.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Another bag complete.

Thank goodness! I am so happy this bag is done! I am giving this bag to my friend Jo for her 40th birthday. I felted it at 9:45 and then got it propped up and ready to shape. I reinforced the hole I made last night, and I think it came out pretty good!

My next project will be Sharon's sweater which I will be starting this weekend. I can't wait to start it and I hope it comes out well! This is the sweater and the pattern:


Sharon ordered Bernat soft chunky yarn in a beautiful wine color - it will look perfect with this sweater!

One more thing that I guess I could share is that I had another perfect WW day. I wrote everything down in my food journal and even did the point values. I was not planning on it - but I also did 20 minutes of the darn stair stepper. Yay for me!

Lastly...I want to share my newest find. I needed a rug for the office because the floors are just too cold in the winter. Walmart...$19. Perfect!

I also moved some things around in the office - just to make a change. I really should paint this room. There will be no painting in this house until we finish the downstairs - which will be painting the paneling - and that won't be until Spring 2006 I don't think. We shall see though!

Ok - off to bed for me... Yay for a good day and keeping with all my goals. I have a food filled weekend ahead of me - so wish me luck!

A perfect day gone very wrong.

I guess I will start off with the good that happened yesterday...because there was a lof of good.

I stuck to WW for a FULL day - counting points and all. I completed my first journal page in the fitness/diet journal that Stacy gave me. This is something that I am very proud of. Not sure if I can recreate the same magic today - but I am going to try.

Work is picking up a bit so I am pretty busy and doing things that make me feel important.

I worked out for 20 minutes on the stair stepper working up a good sweat (yay for me!)

I purchased size 11 knitting needles so I can start my dear friend Sharon's sweater this Saturday when her and Roy come over to watch the "on fire" Bruins.

Hubby finally got his W2's from his work, so I can start my taxes this weekend.

I wrapped all of Jo's baby shower gifts...

And I drank over 64oz of water yesterday = almost all of my daily goals got met.

And now the not so good news...

After working out and cleaning the kitchen, I sat down at 8pm to watch 2 full hours of American Idol. Life was good. I had 5 more rows to knit on the felted bag - and I was well on my way to sticking to my knitting goal of the evening.

"Here I go! On the last row, binding off, lovely, looks wonderful, I am so excited to start the cord...here we go...grab the scissors, cut the yarn...hmmm did not cut. Let's try again. Cut the yarn...


What did I just do?"

As I stare down in total shock of the most stupid move I could have made...a gaping hole in my bag looked RIGHT back at me screaming, "You idiot! You just cut the side of the bag with those sharp things! Now I have a hole in me! Now I am ruined!"

Yes ladies...I cut the bag. I sat there for a few minutes in disbelief. Should I throw the bag away? No way in hell! So I bring it over to the light, find the yarn that was cut and pulled it slowly until I had enough to tie it back together in a double knot (which was hard to do by the way with such a short strand). But I did it. I tucked the loose ends into the bag and with a small sigh of relief went on to work on the cord. I got about 10" done of that.

I may reinforce the bag more tonight with some more yarn. I am hoping felting will his this horrible mistake.

My heart is broken.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Thank you Prime Time TV

I would like to take this chance to thank "Skating with the Stars" and "24" for giving me 2 straight hours of knitting last night. Without those shows, I would not be less than 10 rows away from finishing the body of the felted bag that I am working on which I would like to felt on Thursday and give as a gift to Sunday. Keifer...I owe you one, baby.

That's right - almost done! I hope to finish the body tonight, finishing the cord tomorrow, and then felt Thursday afternoon during my lunch hour. That's my plan...My GOAL, if you will.

On a side note...My dear friend Stacy sent me my birthday gifts yesterday, and one of the was a fitness/diet journal (yes...Fitness...And YES, that means ME doing the fitness...Don't laugh). So today will be my first entry into the diet and fitness journal...PRAYING this will help me lose weight. Seeing that this book came from a beautiful gal who just lost 40 lbs on WW - any guidance coming from here needs to be taken seriously...so thank you Stace.

Off I go to work...

Monday, January 23, 2006

The journey begins...

I never thought I would want to have a blog. What the heck would I write that anyone would want to read? I can't write, I can't spell, and I my grammar is awful. So I guess if you are going to follow my blog - you are going to have to deal with mediocre writing. I am not the brightest bulb in the chandeliers, ok? I sure can obsessively craft though!

My crafting journey started very young. I loved counted cross stitch, latch hook, stained glass (kid kits), and then once I hit my mid twenties, was introduced to crocheting, scrapbooking, and now I am an advanced beginner knitter.

I live for craft days with my friends. If I could go to a craft day every weekend, my life would be complete. Nothing beats the bonds that crafters have. Having crafting in my life has created so many beautiful friendships...I am just such a happy crafty girl who a ton of crafty beautiful dear friends!

My current project is a felted bag that my dear friend Erin taught me how to do. It is this pattern:


This is my second bag and I just love this pattern. It is going to be a birthday gift for my friend Jo!

Alright - off I go! Thanks for reading!