Friday, June 30, 2006

I love this quote!

I just saw this posted on a knitting blog, and nearly fell off my chair when I read it.

I have no idea who this person is, but here is goes:

"There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness". -Dave Barry

So true. OCD and proud! (I think)

Is it possible to create a new mental illness to get read of an old mental illness?

Because I think I did it successfully.

And although I think I was well on my way to doing it on my own, I want to thank all the craft girls - especially Erin and Bethe from Weds Night Knitting - for pushing me right over the knitting edge into a land that I never want to leave.

Current projects include (on needles already):

- Sirdar Baby Sleeping Bag (actively working on)
- Crochet Dishcloths (actively working on)
- Jim's Sweater (actively working on)
- Cable scarf (in a closet to be worked on later)
- Joy's sweater (in a closet to be worked on later)

I could go on and on with other projects, but I will stop there.

And of course scrapbooking.

ALSO - I made a logo for myself:

Help me decide which one to use, or if I should use all of them on different things:

I think you can click on the picture to make it bigger.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What is knitting?

(Posted Per reccomendation of The Curly Knitter... my e-mail to Erin and Bethe yesterday about knitting.)

"I now refuse to believe this is a hobby, pastime, a craft if you will...

It is much more than that....obsession, although would fit me, is not the right word either.

Is it a way of life? Knitting is its own being - full of emotion, fun, rage, laughter, a society, a community, a bonding, a university, a journey....

How a pattern, skein of new yarn that feels yummy, can cause your body to produce seratonin in a way never imagined before - that causes a rush of excitement...

What is it?

Is it an addiction, or a disease? Blending in with a "shopoholics" category? Is it a leader of a land that causes people to have to deal with "Summer of Stash", Sockapooloza, PAL's, it a brainwashing?

All I can say, is that I went to the Harlot's site today (go to Curly Knitter's blog to get Harlot link) - and read her post....and also said to myself....OMG

I suddenly felt sick to my stomach, like someone's dog died - looking at that beautiful piece of work sprawled out like being on an operating table.

I've said before, knitting keeps me sane (as well as many of my other "crafts" do...)

But really - what is it?"

And finally - some finished projects:

Cell Phone Holder:

And last but not least - me and my Soliel (finished Friday June 23, 2006):

Monday, June 26, 2006

Cape Cod Craft Weekend - OHHH baby!

It was everything I had hoped it would be and more! What a weekend of progress!

Friday - I finished the tank top! WHOOO HOOO and it does fit! (thank GOD!) Here is a pic for your viewing pleasure!

Saturday: Erin and I headed out early for the Cape. It was so nice for Michelle for to offer up her place to us for the weekend! I got so much knitting and crocheting done! I finally finished the Peachy Doll to give to Joy - WHOOO HOOO:

After peachy was done, I started a cell phone holder for Joy wich is about 20 minutes away from being done - YEAH!

Here is a pic or two from the weekend!

Thanks for a great weekend girls!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

From the garden...

Last night we had to clip a peony because it got so tall, it bent over and was going to break! I have a cage around them and stakes around them - but they are not tall year we will do better with them.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Country Music

I used to love Country Music back in high school and college. It did not get stuck back on the shelf until I met Cesar who HATED it and would rather listen to Better than Ezra, Def Leppard, Depeche Mode, etc (all which I love now through the power of persuasion).

Back in November, we were driving to a friend's wedding when he put on the country station and started listening and got hooked! I tried to tell him that Country music was always a joy to listen too, because all the songs are a story and you did not have to try to interpret the lyrics.
You can take almost every Reba, Trisha Yearwood, Patty Loveless, Shania Twain song and make it mean something for you in some way.....ahh the beauty of country!

My latest purchase of Country music is the Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts CD. A review in short:

- Not the best country CD I have listened too (Mary Chapin Carpenter tops my list)
- Fun to listen too
- Wonderful voice
- Kinda cookie-cutter country - but very enjoyable.

One of her songs really caught my ear. Even though I am 30, married, house, etc . . . I still feel pretty young. Ok, maybe not 18, but at least 24/25!

With that said, here is a new part of my blog that I will share every once in awhile...called LYRICS OF THE DAY:

Ladies - we are young and beautiful, we ain't old yet!!

Artist/Band: Underwood Carrie
Lyrics for Song: We're Young and Beautiful
Lyrics for Album: Some Hearts

While we're young and beautiful,
Kiss me like you mean it,
Treat me like I'm special,
Cover me with sweetness,
Cause a time will come,
When I'm not so young, and beautiful.

While we're young and beautiful,
Living free and easy,
Here without a worry,
Dancing in our bare feet,
Cause when the summer's done,
When I won't be so young, and beautiful.

It's so crazy, right, And baby, you and I,
I've been lost, with love life,
Tonight, while we're young and beautiful.

While we're young and beautiful,
We'll party down on Main street,
Wearing next to nothing,
Feeling every heart beat,
Having fun, while we're still young and beautiful.

While we're young and beautiful,
Cover me with sweetness,
While we're young and beautiful,
Kiss me like you mean it, Like you mean it, Like you mean it, Like you mean it, Like you do,
Oh, yeah, Oh so beautiful.