Monday, August 28, 2006

It's been a long time, baby...

Sorry I have not been updating on a regular basis - not a heck of a lot going on I guess!

Had a nice short vacation to the Cape last week with Cesar - we got to eat at our favorite restaurant, Kreme & Kone (Corn) which is so good! It is in Dennisport and I highly reccomend it to any Cape visitor!

Craft day was a great time as always - I actually scrapped 5 pages if you can believe that! Talk about progress! I did a tad bit of knitting on Jim's sweater which is looking mighty nice if I do saw so myself. I was going to swatch for ROGUE:

but realized that it is knit in the round - and I don't have the right sized needles. Thankfully - my lovely knitting buddy Erin is lending me her needles for Rogue and I can swatch on Weds - YEAH! Rogue kick off is on Friday - I can't wait!

Ok - gotta get in the shower and head to work - any updates with you ladies?


At 8:43 AM, Anonymous marianne said...

Thanks for the post and for hosting craft day. It was a great day, even if the Sox lost. I was actually quite productive for a change!


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