Monday, August 14, 2006

Moments to re-live...

While this weekend was filled with scrapping, knitting, crocheting, cooking Peruvian food and feeling like poop most of Sunday...I ended up turning to my favorite form of relaxation....watching "Felicity". I admit I read through all 4 seasons and could not find one I wanted to I thought about watching the extra footage.

The extra footage on the final season focused on the finale and all the moments they had together (on the show) and one of the episodes in the final season was Felicity going back in time to choose Noel over Ben...which got me thinking...

What moments in my life would I LOVE to relive? Maybe not change, but to experience over again... Here is my list so far - not in order of importance...

1. Graduation day at Assumption College. Till then - the most happy day of my life. I hated "school - tests, studying, homework" and I was sooooo happy to be in the working world.

2. Day that Cesar proposed: Easter 2002. That FAR passed graduation day happiness.

3. Wedding Day - May 31, 2003. No explination needed here I can assure you. :-)

How about you?

Now here are the moments that I am blessed that I actually GET to re-live often:

1. Christmas Eve - and the whole month leading up to Christmas
2. Craft Days! OH how I love craft days!
3. Long conversations with close friends which leave you with fuzzy warm feelings about female friendship bonds and how lucky you are to have so many of them close to your heart.

Ok - think that is it for to work.


At 9:31 AM, Blogger Danielle said...

Great question!

Would love to relive:
- Wedding Day
- All of our vacations taken over the last few years, especially our 10 day vacation out to the West Coast in October
- A regular fun happy day with my dad before his motorcycle accident and MS diagnosis


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