Monday, October 30, 2006

It's been awhile, baby....

And so sorry for that. Life has been CRAZY with a capital C since we got back from San Diego.
Don't have much to write about for now - but I hope to be starting a new blog soon, just give me a few weeks, ok?

Some pics from CA for you to enjoy...

Visiting CA for Becky's wedding was so much fun! I even survived the flights which I never thought would happen!

Crafting Update:
The amount of knitting and crocheting that I have done in the last few weeks has been obscene. No - I am not close to finishing Rogue - but I am getting there. A few other projects have caught my attention including Craft Girls Holiday Gifts!!! I'll start posting pics of non holiday-related gifts soon.

Weekend in review: 10/28 - 10/29
Well all the plans I had for this weekend got cancelled due to complications I spent my weekend lying down, sitting, watching a ton of sports and Halloween shows, and ended it with carving pumpkins!

Can you guess which once Cesar carved?

If I don't get to post tomorrow, HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN!